2205 – 3000kv Pro Series Rebel Motors


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Pro Series 2205 3000kv


After our premier release in 2016 Rebel Motors has been established as a go to for pilots who require excellence in quality, durability ,and ease of use. Whether competing for speed records, flipping and diving through freestyle events or casually flying, Rebel has proven to be the first choice for pilots with discerning tastes. With pilots still flying their long lasting 2 year old V1s the Rebel V2 Motor will continue to turn heads at events across the world.

Rebel motors raises the bar for the expected performance of a race quad. Want all those other motors on your bench to feel inadequate? Buy Rebel.

This motor has been redesigned from the ground up with the racer and FPV pilot in mind. Rebel wanted to provide a motor that had been thoughtfully designed to be impact resistant, relaible, and easy to swap on the field. All while having the very best face melting power to get the race won and the job done. Its a motor for record setting break neck speeds that will leave you constantly checking your shorts.
Rebel motors, brought to you by a brand now known for its top of the line quality and performance. Manufactured from the ground up to give you the speed and power without sacrificing efficiency or durability.

If all this sounds like your bag of chips

Then Race with Rebel Reliability.
-Titanium hollow shaft design

-Replaceable motor wires

-NMB Japanese Bearings

-100% T7 Aircraft Grade Aluminum

-High Quality Ultra High Temp Magnets, Copper,

and Glues rated at an operating temperature of over 260 fh

-27 grams


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